Audience Monetization

ArcSpan is an innovative new platform focused on the needs of the world’s finest publishers. Unlock the most value from your audiences while providing advertisers the targeting performance they need.

Boost your addressable audience revenue 30-200% with the first purpose-built audience monetization platform

Designed to manage the “Identity Revolution”

Built from the ground up for publishers and data owners, we’ve integrated the key levers to achieving revenue operations success and monetization insights in a first-party data world.

ArcSpan’s data software solution complements your existing technology partners and exists specifically to maximize addressable audience revenue, eCPM, fill-rate, yield and brand safety.

Audience Quality:
Superior Audience Segment Modelling

Audience Quantity: Expanded Inventory of Addressable Audiences

Sales Pathways:
Aligned to Sources of Best Buyer Demand

Reporting & Insights: Real-time Dashboards to Optimize Results

Have you retooled your advertising revenue strategy and operations?

Significant disruption is coming to digital advertising. 

These changes offer Publishers an opportunity to redefine their audience value and strengthen audience monetization strategies.

Navigating the end of third-party cookies

Segmenting audiences amidst stricter data privacy regulations

Selling outside the "walled-gardens"


Why ArcSpan?

We bring a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities that publisher revenue management teams face in an evolving marketplace.


Introducing ArcSpan's Audience Engine

A revenue optimization platform that structures and automates critical audience monetization decisions.


Optimize for: revenue, eCPMs, fill-rates, margin, brand safety

Focused on sell-side revenue optimization strategies: on-site, offsite, retail/e-comm and subscriber acquisition.