First Party Audience Data Monetization Company ArcSpan Technologies Releases Contextual APP ™ Data Solution to Boost Publisher Revenue

New sell-side offering fundamentally improves the way first-party addressable audience data is segmented, controlled, and transacted by publishers to lift eCPMs and programmatic sales results

NEW YORK—– ArcSpan Technologies (, a New York-based, real-time audience data monetization and optimization company announced the launch of ArcSpan’s Contextual APP™ (referring to the integrated data functions “Analyze”, “Process” and “Push”), a new solution within ArcSpan’s Audience Engine™ platform that significantly empowers publishers to structure and monetize their contextual first-party audience data. Contextual APP provides an efficient, consumer privacy-forward data processing solution that offers leading publishers greater data control, insights, and access to monetization pathways. Different from legacy providers, this advanced contextual solution incorporates text, image, and video components.

ArcSpan’s next-gen audience monetization platform, Audience Engine strengthens publishers’ and retailers’ media revenue strategies as the digital advertising industry transitions away from the use of third-party cookies. Through ArcSpan’s suite of audience data solutions, publishers can better organize, segment, scale, transact and optimize their media sales initiatives and achieve greater alignment with buy-side demand and other tech partners. ArcSpan’s data science incorporates deterministic signals and artificial intelligence to improve publishers’ abilities to define their audiences and deliver higher-value, targeted ad impressions in real-time across multiple data taxonomies. ArcSpan works across desktop, video, and mobile programmatic channels with additional support for CTV and other digital channels in development.

“I have used ArcSpan’s Contextual APP on my owned and operated site, Sportsnaut, and it proves there is opportunity for classification and taxonomy for specific content across the web,” said Jeff Misenti, Co-founder of The Publisher Desk. “As someone who manages multiple websites with vastly different content, I am always looking for automated technology to make things easier for publishers. ArcSpan is arming publishers with the right tools to bring robust contextual data insights and transparent trusted activation to better position their clients for growth.”

“We’re receiving positive feedback for Contextual APP because it offers more integrated, transparent and scalable data solutions and controls purely focused on driving revenue and ROI for the sell-side,” said Chris Guenther, ArcSpan COO and former global head of programmatic at NewsCorp. “Publishers know their content and audience engagement levels the best. Contextual APP enables greater first-party data visibility, quality segmentation, quantifiable results and actionable sales insights gleaned from that content, which addresses significant publisher pain points with programmatic media.”

According to Guenther, the three core operating components of Contextual APP include:

  1. Data Analyze: ArcSpan’s proprietary and integrated data measurement and sales lift benchmarking tools assess opportunities to increase the quality and quantity of a publisher’s addressable audience data set
  2. Data Process: ArcSpan’s real-time data processor configures publisher contextual data according to IAB and other industry contextual data taxonomies. ArcSpan’s processor complements a publisher’s existing ad server, DMP and CDP partners
  3. Data Push: ArcSpan enables delivery and tracking of data sales across multiple transaction pathways, including Prebid, SSP and DSP revenue operations to optimize across channels and evolving demand sources

ArcSpan’s enhanced system design is based on the company’s deep programmatic expertise gained working across rapidly changing sell-side, buy-side and adtech platform solutions over the past ten-plus years. This announcement marks an important advancement for publishers to start monetizing underutilized first-party data directly with buyers in the programmatic environment. Through Contextual APP, programmatic sellers can better align with buyers seeking access to trusted, unique, and scalable targeted audience segments.

Garret Vreeland, CCO and co-founder said, “We’re addressing two major challenges for publishers. First, we are helping to boost the value of sometimes 70%-80% of a publisher’s audience data that is sub optimally organized and being sold at eCPMs lower than they deserve. Second, we understand many publishers are concerned about their current 2022 sales outlook and need to unlock better tactics to improve their Q3 and Q4 sales potential. ArcSpan’s Contextual APP is well-positioned to deliver incremental sales quickly for a light lift.”

“The overall ArcSpan Audience Engine™ Platform approach represents a series of coordinated enhancements to make first-party audience data selling more automated, integrated and scalable for publisher revenue teams. We look to generate an estimated 30% to over 100% lift in addressable audience data sales for publishers in a dynamic market environment,” said Art Muldoon, CEO and co-founder. “ArcSpan serves as a trusted partner to help publishers quickly retool and deliver first-party, cookieless addressable audiences that is both cost effective and tech agnostic.”

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